Jonny BowdenDr. Bowden

There are many diet and workout programs on the market, but Jonny Bowden’s reputation makes his stand out above the crowd. He is known as ‘The Rogue Nutritionist’ or the ‘Nutrition Myth Buster’, because he isn’t afraid to give real advice that may conflict with some popular beliefs around nutrition, weight loss and health.

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Thanks to his willingness to look for answers and discover unknown truths, his advice has helped thousands of people get back on track with their health. He has a knack for clearing up the confusion around a subject and spelling out the simple rules that are known to result in better health.

For instance, his best-selling book on cholesterol, which he co-authored with Stephen T. Sinatra, turned the medical community upside down. It challenged the belief that cholesterol causes heart disease and clogged arteries, and, in fact, it promoted the idea that the higher your cholesterol the longer you live. The book was promoted by many doctors who are known to reveal health truths as they appear, including Dr. Oz.

Jonny is a board-certified nutritionist who has a master’s degree in psychology and a PhD in nutrition. He has also earned six certifications in personal training.

He has written fourteen books on food, health, and healing, including the best-sellers “Living Low Carb’ and ‘The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth’. He also has written articles for many different online publications, including Oxygen, Marie Claire, Time Magazine, and Vanity Fair Online, and he is well-known for his advice on and America Online. He has a lot to say about living a healthy life, and you can find articles on weight loss, hormone health, energy, heart health, supplements, and much more.

He has served on the editorial advisory board for Men’s Health and has appeared on many television and radio shows as an expert on nutrition and weight loss, including ABC, NBC, Dr. Oz’s XM Radio, and Fox News. He is also the owner of Rockwell Nutrition, a popular information and product site dedicated to giving readers the information they need to know about supplementing for good health.

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